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Holes Essay

  • Submitted by: adalsanto1
  • on August 18, 2015
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In the novel Holes Stanley goes through some dramatic changes. The three types of changes that Stanley goes through are the physical, mental/being more open and the circumstances that he goes through. The most obvious change that Stanley goes through is in his physicals appearance.

Stanley goes through a change in his appearance by looking different and healthier. The way that he changes in his appearance is by getting stronger in his hands, core and he gets fitter. These changes happen because, since Stanley came to Camp Green Lake he was made to dig holes which made him lose weight. In the book Stanley starts off as a kid who isn’t that small, but as we read on he loses his weight and gets stronger. Another change in the book is his mental thinking.

While Stanley is at Camp Green Lake, his perspective about things start to change, as a result of him thinking differently. Stanley gets more open and is able to share his personal stories and make new friends as a result of going to Camp Green Lake. Before coming to Camp, Stanley was and ordinary boy who wasn’t very open and was very independent but as soon as he went to Camp Green Lake, and met new people that were the same age as him he started to think differently. The final change that Stanley went through was the circumstances that he ended up in.

At the start of the book, Stanley wasn’t as wealthy as he ended up being. In the beginning, Stanley wasn’t that wealthy at all; he was living in an old apartment that smelt like feet from his dad’s experiments and wanted a change. Stanley ended up being in another environment. He went from living in and old apartment, to being in court, then at Camp Green Lake. By the end of the book Stanley became wealthy and rich. When he finds the treasure, he looks inside and finds gold and from then on, he made his family have a new beginning, which allowed them to buy a new house to live in. This is the final change that occurs.

By the end of the story Stanley has...

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