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Hollywood Big Screen Vision’s Correlations to Violence and Crime (Disturbia the Movie Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Hollywood Big Screen Vision’s Correlations to Violence and Crime (Disturbia the Movie" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hollywood big screen vision’s correlations to Violence and Crime

For years, movies had been the source of entertainment to us all. Whether it is comedy, romantic, or suspense, it brought a new way to pass our free times. But did it ever occur to anyone, why a director decides to make a certain movie and where did the idea to make a certain movie came from? The answer is usually, we don’t tend to think too deeply into these questions, after all, a movie is just for entertainment, right? Well a lot of directors tend to look around in society to see what may be interesting to watch and what a person can somewhat relate to at the time. Based on a movie, a lot of the times, a viewer can be able to point out immediately the time and place in which it was depicted.   The reason for that is because the settings of the movie can relate to reality’s current settings. A prime example is the main difference between 1954 Alfred Hitchcock’s, Rear Window, and 2007 D.J Caruso’s, Disturbia. Although both movies are very similar, they are very different because as the time moves from the 1950s to 2000s, our culture has transformed therefore, the movies has transformed along with it. One thing in particular that has transformed in our society that is a noticeable difference between both movies is violence and crime. Our society had become more dangerous over the 53 years span among each movie. In this paper, I will discuss how the movies, Rear Window, and Disturbia have depicted our culture and how crime and violence in general has become extremely problematic as the times move forward.  

Before I establish how Rear Window and Disturbia depicts our society and how it has gotten dangerous over the course of 53 years, here is a brief overview of what both movies were about that made them different.   The Movie Rear Window starred James Stewart as successful photographer turned wheel chair bound, L.B. Jefferies, Grace Kelly as the beautiful and wealthy socialite girlfriend of...

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