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Holocaust Research Paper

  • Submitted by: Amc1996
  • on October 4, 2012
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Holocaust Research Paper
Every day people endure hardships in life that may cause them to lose their faith or in some cases make their faith stronger. The Holocaust had a polarizing effect on the Jewish faithful. It's impact left the Jewish population of Europe with a loss of faith and its connections to tradition and identity.
Many Germans post World War I believed that the Jewish people used subterfuge to hide their corrupt nature of being swindlers and criminals (Heimer, "Poisonous Mushroom."). It was also common for them to believe that Jewish merchants used flattery and lies to cheat people out of money (Heimer, "How Jewish Traders Cheat."). Throughout the centuries many Jewish generations were guided in behavior and tradition shaped by their faith in their daily life. This included the food they ate, the clothes they wore and holidays that they celebrated. The Jewish population's differences set them apart within their communities.   Once the Nazis took over, the Jewish people were forced to give up their traditional ways and adopt the cultural aspects of the mainstream society (USHMM,1).
Hitler embraced Anti-semitism showing hatred towards the Jews and others that are non-Aryan’s he wanted to cleanse Germany of the Jewish race (Hitler209). Hitler claims in Mein Kampf all technology, art and human culture is due to the Aryan race, the Germans (Hitler303). He also stated that the Jews lacked the qualities which distinguish the races whom are culturally blessed and creative(Hitler209).
German stormtroopers were joined by other Germans who raised a cry of "Down with the Jews" while brandishing axes and sledgehammers.   The Jewish sacred scrolls were trampled and muddied.
Germany acted upon Anti-semitism or their hatred against Jews when Nazi’s starved, gassed and burned the Jewish population. It is estimated that at least 2,500,000 victims were executed by gassing and burning, many mass graves were filled during the Holocaust. Hitler’s hatred towards...

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