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Homecoming Elections: Arrogant Candidates Essay

  • Submitted by: roaringflames
  • on January 27, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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You know what ruffles my feathers? These Homecoming elections.
I feel like we have transported back to high school.
People are throwing up fliers and starting Facebook groups in the hopes people they know and don’t know vote for them all for some meaningless title. So even in college we are consumed with this popularity craze?
Perhaps the reason I dislike it is because I thought we evolved past the whole need to be popular.
I personally feel kind of perplexed by the need for people to show their acceptance by voting for you, especially for a title that really carries no weight.
Think about it: Can you remember everyone on homecoming court from your high school? How about the sophomore maid from three years ago? I know I can’t.
Also, think about all the energy candidates are putting into this. They take the time to make signs and hand them out during the day. Then they also have to talk to people online and possibly send out emails. I have better things to do, like homework.
What gets me is when they have friends helping. If you were my friend, I would tell you, “No, I cannot help you hand out flyers because I actually have better things to do, like play ‘Starcraft 2’.”
The other thing that ruffles my feathers about the elections is the mess they leave when they’re done. Every year they have tons of signs left up for days after voting. It will be the start of next week and you may find a “vote for whomever” sign stuck to your foot as you’re walking down the sidewalk. I know they have rules to pick them up, but if history is any indication, at least one person won’t.
The last thing that really makes me hate this time of year is the mad jolt for votes. When I went to the SUB today, I had more than eight people stop me from eating so they could tell me to vote for them. Really? Yes, I have nothing better to do than to stop what I am doing to go to the Student Success Center to vote for you. No, I am speed eating because I have a class. Stop thinking you’re the...

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