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Homework Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: npagh1
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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It doesn't really help
How would you feel having to go home every day reading some boring sheet of paper that has just been handed to you ? Or maybe even having to go home and write a paper on something that you know nothing about, or have no interest in at all ? Students are forced to work every day and every night just so they can be ready for the next day. What kind of life would that be; when you finally get out of school, and then have to go home and do more school work. That is the life of many young students today. Students today have to do a ton of homework to do in the week days, and in the weekend it's even worse. In the weekends there are all those assignments to do, and the job to go to, and the house that has to be cleaned. For a young person that's just too much to handle. We can't quit our work though ? How else should we learn about hard work, and earning our own money ? We couldn't, not without a job at least, but with the important job, and the chores that has to be done around house, we just don't have enough time to do it all. Like that isn't enough we sometimes just have to hang out with our friends and be young and free; otherwise we'll become slaves of society way to soon. We need to be young, we need to be free, we need to stop getting so much homework. In reality homework makes it to difficult to be young and wild and free. There's just too many things to do, and all those things are making it harder for us to become real adults who live there own life. And this isn't just a single student whining. According to several studies homework is no good for kids. They say that that there's too much pressure on young people today, both from parents, but also from society, school, and even our own friends. Several studies have been made on the effect of homework as well, and almost none of them are giving a clear sign that homework really helps. None of these studies can tell if homework will actually help students become better or help them...

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