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Hotel Law Essay

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Below is an essay on "Hotel Law" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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    • CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS : PAGE 3 – PAGE 17                                     (consists of question 1 – question 5)




      Seeing that part of our study requirements, we will need to present our lecturer, Mr. Alex with a written case study assignment which is group task.

      This Hotel Law assignment is pleased to resolve the critical thinking questions raised relatively with The Disappearing Hilux case study, which includes resolution making regarding of is it or is it not a reasonable manner, one’s right and raise recommendations to prevent unwanted occurrence.

Critical Thinking Questions:

  1. Did the hotel’s management team act properly? Why or why not?


    - In my point of view, I believe and assume that the hotel’s management did not act properly, if not the hotel would not be in a catastrophe at the moment.

    - Even though the hotel’s management did take numerous of preventions such as increasing the lighting intensively throughout the parking lot, permitting 2008-Toyota Hilux car owner or renter to park at the hotel’s main entrance where   there is extra illumination and also to allocate additional funding to the security department to put a stop to the theft crisis, but unfortunately the similar crisis did arise again and it proves that the prevention actions took were either insufficient or perhaps it is ineffective or can we state that they did not put much of an effort into it, nevertheless the outcome was the actions was inadequate since the same issue occur again.

    - The incorrect acts that were took by the management during the theft matter was:

  1. If the guests feel uncomfortable in any way with their upcoming visit, they are allowed to cancel their reservations without any...

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