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How Ad Borrow from Other Texts Essay

  • Submitted by: sherman11
  • on January 6, 2013
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BAU Perfume: How the Ad borrows from other texts.
Many advertisements borrow from texts using subtly images to convey a bigger message. Whenever one watches TV or consumed an advertisement, a subconscious effect occurs. In a person's thought process, the brain tries to make connections to the information one acquires everyday to the ones he/she already know. The brain connects images, concepts, and ideology with the information/ idea one had gathered. Most advertisement companies play upon this process to get people to buy a product. They borrow from other texts to portray their product’s worth and value to consumers.   Advertisement companies use common themes, ideas, images and/or concepts to influence consumer that the product will make them unique, better, or awesome. This process is called Avant Garde. The advertisement in this investigation use avant garde in a unique way to portray itself as something of worth. The ad in this investigation is a perfume by BUA. The ad uses familiarity and common themes to sell the idea that if someone bought the product, they would be beautiful in many ways and others reaction to them would be positive. Using the bitten apple ideology, BAU effectively portrayed its product as the ideal product by borrowing from texts such as Snow White, Adam and Eve (fall) story and Apple Inc symbols.
          Given Apple Inc. success, the similarity between both companies’ symbol helps portray the bitten apple in the ad as the indicator of quality, just like the apple products. The similarity between the apple in the ad and Apple Inc symbol is really important. The ad uses the similarity to appeal the Apple Inc loyal customers. It borrows from Apple Inc, using the similarity, as an indicator of quality, worth, normalcy and uniqueness. Apple Inc products are known for quality and durability. Apple Inc product has also become a cultural norm in the United State, and some might perceive Apple products as a "must have". Consumers may feel like...

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