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How Can Companies Be More Sustainable? Essay

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How can companies be made more sustainable?

A sustainable company is one that is environmentally responsible.   Its manufacturing process and products are both done in a way which has no or minimal negative impact on the environment.
Many businesses are working towards making their companies more sustainable.
Companies can be made more sustainable by making their production process more efficient. The raw materials such as coal and oil could be reduced and this could reduce the amount of energy used. Also the raw materials like coal is burned the less greenhouse gas it produces, which could drop the amount of carbon emissions produced if all companies stop using lots of raw material.
A company could become more sustainable if they reduce the transportational distances of their products. This would reduce the amount of carbon footprint companies make, reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced.
Major companies which have big manufacturing sections could build their factories in Low Income Countries (LICs). This would cost the companies less money and also make jobs for the unemployed population in LICs.
Encouraging their customers to recycle some of the products from the company means they will use less raw materials. Also, encouraging employees to be more sustainable in the workplace will make the company more sustainable.
The packing of their products could be made from recycled or recyclable material. This would mean fewer materials are wasted and more is reused in a sustainable way.
More efficient energy use such wind, water and solar energy (renewable energy) would make the company more sustainable as they are using less non-renewable energy and are preserving it for the use if the next generation.

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