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How Do Olympic Games Influence the World Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: tuchen1118
  • on January 27, 2013
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How do Olympic Games influence the world communication?

                                    Liu Hao( Bert )   Tu Chen ( Peter )

  The Olympic Games are the biggest sports events in the world. It supplies a stage for athletes all over the world to participate and compete together. As the biggest sports event hold by IOC, it also has some responsibilities to improve the communication around the world. This paper is a research about how the Olympic Games affect the global communication. Our answer is that the Olympic Games affect more on the global individual communication, but have rare effects on national communication.
  To support the idea that the Olympic Games have limited effects on national level, we have two major reasons to support that. The first reason is that the Olympic Games give an illusion of harmony between nations. The second one is the Olympic Games’ effects on national relationships are limited by that specific period which is holding the Olympic Games.
  For the second claim that the Olympic Games have significant effects on individual communication, we have six reasons to argue for. The first one is the effects of opening and closing ceremony. The second one is the Olympic Games help the improvement of communications among global individuals with the help of media. The third reason is that there are a lot of sports events in the Olympic Games represent national culture. To understand the background of those sports events, also make a same topic for people to communicate. Moreover, the Olympic tour gives people all over the world a chance having more directly communication together. Olympic mascots which were designed by organizers are also functional as an identity of one national. Those mascots help people to know host nation’s culture unconsciously.
  However, the Olympic Games don’t always promote global communication in anyway. There are still some blocks of communication in the Olympic Games such as the “the face...

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