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How Do Users Think? Essay

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Below is an essay on "How Do Users Think?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

A users habit on the internet are almost the same as a customers habits in a regular store, they similarly follow the same concepts. In order to create a fully successful website, we must make it interesting to the user that uses the website. Information on a website must be interesting and not streched into paragraphs or the user will be drawn away. Almost all users view sections of your website by taking a quick glance at text, images, and clicks on the first link that catches their eye.

Quality over quantity in a web design is crucial. The quality of a website is far more important than a good design; it shows the user how well your website is going to be made. Users only scan through your website and will not read everything.

Web users are impatient. If the information on the index page doesn’t meet their criteria, the will find another website to go on. The information that you provide on the first page must be interesting and also must be easy to navigate to allow the user to find what they are looking for.

Users do not make optimal choices. The visitor of a website does not look for the best way to look at the information on a website. The visitor will go straight for the easiest way to find what they are looking for.

Users use their intuition. Users will just muddle through information without really reading the relevant information provided.

Users want to have control. Users will want to be able to control what they are doing at all times. Users do not want the website telling you what to click, or multiple windows opening up telling them about :the best offer”. Users should always be in control, instead of the website controlling them.

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