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How Effective Is The Pcc Essay

  • Submitted by: AngelofMusic
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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How effective is the PCC?

The PCC (Press Complaints Commission) is an independent group uses the Editors code to help self- regulate magazines, newspaper and their websites and edits the content of these newspapers and magazines so that they match the conduct of the journalist.

But on the other hand the PCC is also not effective because there are too many issues that arise for them to regulate. The body also is self-regulated, and this concept is broad and it is also not a ‘regulator’ but a ‘mediator’. This means that the very few editors that work for the PCC might have benefitted from the press before the public.

They are effective as it serves the public because of help to protect the rights of individuals, whilst it also lets the news express themselves by giving them enough freedom of speech. They also make sure that the editors are sanctioned. This type of system is fair and effective as it helps provide protection for the rights of the public and also is sensible with rules that they make to allow the press to write what they want and have freedom of expression.

But all together I think that the PCC is very effective because even though the press cannot be completely regulated by this organisation, it helps the public to be protected and helps set out important rules that have to be put to practice as it would protect individuals from the media and press whilst allowing freedom of speech at the same time. This reaches a happy median. Although it might be unpopular because of its self-regulation but this can be good because it prevents the state from having too much power over the press and media.

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