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How Has Technology Affected the Aesthetics of Animation over Time Essay

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Below is an essay on "How Has Technology Affected the Aesthetics of Animation over Time" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


Campbell MacGibbon


The visual interpretation is a graph showing the visual aesthetics and also the storylines of animated movies over time. The movies themselves are not necessarily complete works of animation however they do incorporate a degree of animation within them. This could be the background set, the actors in some way, the complete film or any other area that requires animation to complete it.

In the graph we can see that the aesthetics starts from the lower end of the quality bar and increases to the high quality as time goes on. The storyline however begins at a higher quality and drops off as time goes on.

In regards to facts to back these trends up, it is very hard to find factual evidence that the storyline side of the graph is true and correct. This is because any comments to do with the quality of a storyline are all based on particular peoples opinions. Some people are employed, as “critics” of movies however that does not mean that what they say about a particular film is fact, it is merely their own opinion.

Opinions that critique films and animations can come across as fact when trends appear in the critiques. This can also be backed up with the critics supporting evidence however in the end it is still an individual’s opinion and not 100% fact.

Stating this I have created the graph based on these opinions but have done so using the majority vote from critics and people to base my trends off. This means that my findings are still not fact but are closely aligned to the majority rule, which is often perceived as fact.

The aesthetics side of the graph is based on fact. It is a fact that technology has allowed for animation to advance in leaps and bounds from where it first started as spinning wheels with multiple images on it projected onto a screen.


Animation can be traced...

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