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How I Feel About Wednesdays Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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Samira Sackietey
Grade 11
NHS –Essay

Everyone has their good and bad days. For some people certain days of our lives hold special meanings. It might be a day in the week which stirs up or evokes specific emotions.   Like Mondays which can provoke a feeling of dread of having to go back to school or work. Or with Fridays which invoke a sense of joy that the week is over and a swirl of excitement of the impending weekend, but what about the days in between? What about Wednesdays? What emotions can they stir up? Well for me they make me feel happy and so much more.
So for starters I was born on May 10,th 1995 which was on a Wednesday so, for me Wednesday s are like homage to me since it marks my arrival into this world. Also, Wednesdays make me feel hopeful for the fact that there is two days left in the week and I’ve manage to make it thus this far in week. It also makes feel gratifying because to me I feel that by going through a Wednesday I’m one day closer to my dreams, exactly where I want to be.
I often think about my future and what I hope to accomplish and Wednesday somehow contribute to that journey. On most Wednesdays I get up around 5a.m and get ready for school with the feeling of “the week is almost over” feeling. My Wednesdays usually consist of a lot of daydreaming compared to the other days of the week. It seems that on Wednesdays I feel at ease and calm. Wednesdays are also my musical days so I tend to feel uplifted and I usually feel like “I’m in lala land” feeling while I’m jamming away with the music. So one can say Wednesdays can serve as my “Artistic Medium” as a musician.
Although, I may feel a sense of jubilation and creativity on Wednesdays, it can also invoke sense of odd and weird emotions. I must say as a 16 year old, I have my share weird Wednesday stories which stem from many dreams I have on a Wednesday night. One particular dream included me and my classmates in AP Biology doing different dance sequences to different...

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