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How Important Is Science Essay

  • Submitted by: ateneo
  • on September 22, 2012
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1. Science is both a human and social activity.
Firstly it is a human activity because its development depends on us humans. As humans, we have always been curious about our surroundings. As sentient beings, we want always want to know why things are happening. And this is precisely why science is a human activity. The knowledge we so crave is discovered by human curiosity. The development of scientific things like the periodic table is all products of our thirst for knowledge. It took scientists years to develop the right pattern for today's table but these scientists found the most accurate pattern through their constant experiments and observations. In short without human activities such as experimentation and observation, important scientific developments may have never been discovered and thus our world would have been deprived of the most accurate scientific information possible.
Secondly, science is a social activity because the people around us help us minimize our mistakes during scientific activities in order to find the most accurate and correct answer possible. For example, when a scientist tries to publish one of his experiments on a scientific journal, the information of his article goes through a tedious screening process. Numerous experts in the field of the article read the author's notes and observations in order to ensure that all the information is correct and not fabricated. This peer review is needed because errors in the article may cause other scientists to try similar experiments that will never have correct answers because of the errors of the original. Another way science is a social activity is the fact that experiments need to be done again to ensure its validity. For example one guy puts liquid A in liquid B in certain conditions. If another guys is able to do the same experiment in the same conditions, then the experiment can be deemed a success. In short science is a social activity because scientists need the help of their peers...

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