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How Is This Dramatic? (Dont Use) Essay

  • Submitted by: gabbiamaya
  • on January 27, 2013
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Below is an essay on "How Is This Dramatic? (Dont Use)" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Golding made this passage powerful and revealing by hid use of characterisation. He mainly develops three characters; Ralph who transforms into more of a leader-like figure, Piggy who breaks through his shell to really say what he had been thinking about Jack and the issues that are discussed then Jack who really shows his unapologetic ways and his cruelty and violence to Piggy. Golding also uses action to show some ways in which the boys handle their extreme emotions. However, the key way in which Golding makes such a dramatic moment is his use of language, which is essential to keep the reader informed and interested in every detail of this moment full of drama.

        Just before this passage, Ralph discovers that Jack had taken all the choirboys to help him hunt for a pig to eat, but because of this they had let the fire go out as a ship went past so they did not have any chance of rescue because there was no smoke. Characterisation is good for Golding to use in this moment so the reader can see how each character responds to such a difficult situation like this.

          When Ralph first appears in this passage he is already acting like a leader because although he had not said anything his body language showed that he was ready to say something serious. ‘Ralph flung back his hair. One arm pointed at the empty horizon.’ Ralph flinging back his hair shows that he does not was not anything to be in the way as he says the devastating news. He then pointed his arm before saying anything. At this point, the boys would have been curious as to why Ralph was not overjoyed at the fact that they had finally caught the pig. Then Ralph said the words that ‘struck them into silence’   “There was a ship.” When it had finally sunk in (no pun intended) that although they finally had food, they let the chance of rescue slip though their fingers. Another point in which Ralph shows good initiative is on the second page where Jack attempted to give an excuse about how...

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