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How Much Impact Did Immigration Have on Britain in the Years 1955-75? Essay

  • Submitted by: jainassxo
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: History
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Below is an essay on "How Much Impact Did Immigration Have on Britain in the Years 1955-75?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In this essay I will be discussing whether or not immigration had any impact on Britain in the years 1955-75. The areas I will be discussing are; the racism and tensions which took place in communities, the political impact of the immigration and taking place and lastly I will discuss the increasing multiculturalism and integration between communities. In my opinion I believe that increasing multiculturalism and integration was the most important impact on immigration.

I believe that the most influential impact of immigration on Britain in the years 1955-1975 was the increasing multiculturalism and integration, I think this because the attitudes by the people how were behaving towards integration were slowly changing, some people wren accepting the immigrants and the government and other people were being inspired by them. For example as pointed out by Bushnell and Warren point out ‘The ‘color bar’ in public places were banned. This made illegal the under of restriction such as ‘no coloreds’ and Europeans only’ used be some landlord and employees.’   This shows that immigrants were starting to get accepted in society and there were people how wanted to reduce the discrimination that the immigrants had to face and wanted the immigrants to have a similar freedom to what they had. Furthermore, during the 1950s & 1960s when the economy prospered in Britain, immigrants were to enter Britain and were welcomed in a very nice way. ‘West Indian immigrants were welcome.’ ‘West Indian workers were actively recruited by both the government and private employers’, stated John D. Clarke working in the Government was a way of proving that the immigrants were clever and were able to complete jobs better then workers who were already in this country. This also can be interpreted that the West Indian works were responsible and hard-working, Working for the ‘NHS’ and ‘London Transport’ shows that the immigrants were considered to be responsible enough by the government and private...

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