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How Much You Are Worth Essay

  • Submitted by: clettywhite
  • on January 6, 2013
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How much are you worth?
Clechette Mcgavock
Bethel University

  The Nutritional Service Department has already recognized me as one of the outstanding employees of the organization. I am reliable, I have a great background and I excel with great leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  I value my job and colleagues so that when it’s my time to shine as the Director my staff will value me in the same manner. I think that’s the best way to earn respect as a leader of the department. When I clock in every morning at 4:58 I’m ready for my everyday new challenges. I clock in ready to do my job and everybody else’s duties just so the day will go on smoothly for everyone. I’m always thinking about all my colleagues and what we can do to get through the day of work without any negativity. I’m excellent at that and the employees in my department can testify to that. I am an all around employee; well I’ve learned to become that person as I age. I do these things so when the time comes for me to apply for a salary position I have proven myself as far as my behavior goes! The director already knows what I’m all about. I’m always with a positive attitude and I like to rub off on my coworkers so that they will leave the negativity at the house. The coworkers that been employed in our department over three years are so negative so I try my best to positively influence them to change the attitude cause they been in the business as long as I have and they should be more of a leader than I am. So sometimes seniority is not always a good thing in some cases. I stand taller than all my colleagues because I am a leader and not a follower I don’t care how long I’ve been there and how much I make I let my leadership styles and skills take the best of me. Most of these employees don’t like dealing with change and that’s just something that’s going to always be there so either you deal with it positively or make it rough on yourself and deal with it negatively. I...

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