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How Richard Convinced Lady Anne to Marry Him Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "How Richard Convinced Lady Anne to Marry Him" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

I was relatively surprised that Anne actually fell for my flattery as she is a smart woman but has proven to be very gullible.
I had chosen to flatter her at the funeral of her husband, who I had actually killed.   At first Anne was furious with me and was giving me all of her the most cruel insults imaginable but being deformed all my life I am used to such unkindness and I cleverly turned her insults into flattery. She said 'would it were mortal poison for thy sake,' My reply 'never came poison from so sweet a place.' Manipulating everything she said was one way that I managed to persuade her.  
Secondly I made many remarks to her beauty I even blamed her beauty for being the cause of killing her husband. I then asked for her forgiveness and said that I was truly sorry for what I did and that I felt guilty, even though that isn’t strictly true. But I said it was for good reason and that she deserved a better husband which was me of course.

I then blackmailed her and pointed the sword to my chest and told her to stab me as I had stabbed her husband if she did not forgive me. She refused which I knew she would do. I tried to make her feel guilty for talking to me the way she did. I offered her my ring which she, surprisingly, accepted but she said ‘to take is not to give’ meaning she has accepted my proposal but is not giving me her love though I wasn’t giving her my love either.

I am still dazzled by my success but I am soon to get rid of her being the two face liar that I am.

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