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How Snow Is Made (Gods Version) Essay

  • Submitted by: mvoyski
  • on February 18, 2012
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The world in constant heat, was enflamed by hades grow of power in the underworld, were flames were growing larger and

hotter,thanks to Hades absorbing more souls. Hades always had the power to drain the souls of the damned, but now with a

fullscale war between the gods themselves and the titans, left many casualties on both sides, giving Hades an abundance of

souls. The immortal servants of the titans were hard to kill, as they just would just regenerate limbs when they were "killed",

but Hades maliciously played Zeus against the titans, causing Zeus to make them mortal, and thus have souls, making

Hades even more powerful. Now instead of using the souls to feed the flames of hell, he started saving them and started

making a army of dead, the locusts of death as he called them, preparing them for war with weapons and armor. The one

big difference between them and mortal soldiers were besides the lack of fear, the only way they could survive on the world

of the living is if its over 190 degrees, as in the underworld they "fed" off the flames and heat as they had no souls. Apollo

being the youthful god of the sun ,could potentially control how how or cold the world got,learning this from the god of

wisdom, Athena, who also warned him of what would happen if tried this feat alone, Apollo being "young" brushed the

comment aside. Eventually growing tired of the constant heat,                                                                                            

decided he would try to move the sun back to lower the

temperature. Failing this Apollo fell over clutching his head in pain, fell into a coma. Poseidon, the god of the ocean and sea,

was perefectly content with the temperature as his domain was in the cavernous deeps of the ocean. Surfacing to the top of

the ocean to retrieve his trident from its pedastal on Mount Olympus, noticed how hot it was and almost by instinct reentered

the ocean....

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