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How the Ipad Will Change My Learning Essay

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Below is an essay on "How the Ipad Will Change My Learning" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The future is here. How will the iPad and other digital devices change my learning experience?

      Apple released its first iPad in April 2010, selling 300,000 units on its first day and 3 million in the following 80 days. As of 31 March 2012, just in the time span of two years of its release, the iPad has sold a whooping 67.1 million units. This just shows how much popularity the iPad is gaining around the world even without the mention of other digital devices.

Before the iPad and other digital devices were released, to search for materials and information related to schoolwork, I had to work in front of the computer, or ask for   help from the thesaurus and thick dictionaries where I had to flip pages manually. Since owning a Samsung galaxy tab, all the information I require is literally right under my fingertips.   I need not stay put in one place and since it is portable and light I can search for information even while lying on the comfort of my bed.

      I not only use my tablet to do research on the internet but also to take notes, write papers and create presentations among other things that will prove useful even till I move on to college. Organizers and task managers also keep me organized and a time table application makes sure I follow my study table accordingly. With hundreds of applications being developed specifically for learning, studying has never been this exciting and productive.

      The iPad can be used to connect people and I use this to my advantage. Whenever I have problems with schoolwork and any other things, I can get different views and opinions from people around the world, giving myself a broader understanding and exposure to the matter concerned by posting the problems I face online.

      As of now, many schools internationally have opted to replace textbooks with iPads. In Scottsdale, Arizona, even kindergarteners get these high tech devices for learning. Hopefully Malaysia will follow this feat and replace...

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