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How to Make Your Favorite Dish Essay

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  • on January 7, 2013
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Process Essay
(How to make your favorite dish)

The world of cooking is so wide, you can invent any dish that you want and add your own touch to it, and also you can find thousands of different recipes from different countries, and every country has his special way of cooking. So today, we will go to Mexico, to teach you how to make chicken Fajitas.

First of all, for the best results in this recipe, use the freshest ingredients you can find, and the ingredients are: 2 green   peppers and 2 red peppers cut into long strips, 500g of chicken breast cut into long strips, 4 yellow onions peeled and chopped into long strips, 50g of minced garlic, 50g of olive oil, add salt as desired, 10g of cumin powder, 100g of lime juice,5og of lemon juice, 10g of red paprika and get Mexican cheese blend (shredded). And you can add lettuce, tomato, corn, sour cream, and salsa.
And for the sauce:   100g of mashed avocado and mix them with ketchup, mustard, salt, mashed garlic and black pepper powder.

Secondly, the directions:
A) Add the olive oil the a large frying pan on medium heat. Fry the onions for 5 minutes to get them cooked up first, or if you prefer crunchy onions, add them with the peppers and stir every couple of minutes.
B) Add the chicken to the pan and continue to heat on medium, and stir them constantly. After that, cook the chicken and onions for about five minutes.
C) Add the peppers to the mixture, along with the lime juice, lemon juice and the rest of ingredients. Cook the mixture until the chicken is completely cooked and the peppers are slightly soft.
D) Finally, serve the mixture immediately with fajita bread or tortillas, along with the avocado sauce.

So, Fajita is a great and delicious dish, and it’s widely famous in Lebanon, and every restaurant serves it, and it’s also homemade. But be sure that most of restaurants and housewives don’t usually make the original Fajita, so this recipe above is original one and I hope that you enjoyed it.

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