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How To Prepare a Presentation Essay

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How to Prepare for a Presentation
What is it?
Preparation is the key to a successful presentation. You must know what your objectives are, who your audience is, how much time you have, what audiovisual aids you will be using, and what method of presentation you will be using, before you can start planning your presentation.
Why use it?
Without preparation, a presentation is likely to be unfocused, boring, and uninformative.
Who uses it?
The team members and the management.
When to use it?
Before you give a presentation. Depending on the type of presentation, you may have to start preparing a day, a week, or even a month in advance!
How to use it:
Before the Presentation:
• Understand: Be very familiar with the material you are presenting. Do the research you need to get your facts straight.
• Decide: What are your objectives for the presentation? Your audience will only go away with a few key messages, so choose your objectives wisely and carefully.
• Plan: Who is your audience? What type of presentation is best to reach this audience? Would activities be better than straight lecture? Think carefully as you plan out your presentation.
• Practice: Rehearse your presentation. Practice using the audiovisual aids you will be using during the presentation.
• Be Early: Arrive earlier than the appointed time so that you can make sure the room is set up appropriately and all audiovisual equipment is working.
During the Presentation:
• KISS: Keep It Short and Simple.
• Make Your Points Strong: Get to the main conclusions and recommendations quickly.
• Use Visuals: Use bullet lists, graphics, charts, and tables where possible to support your key points (make sure overhead transparencies and flipcharts have large enough pictures or text for your audience to see easily).
• Make Eye Contact: Look at the audience while you talk. Don't bury your head in your notes.
• Build in Extra Time: Allow additional time for your audience to ask questions and discuss...

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