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How to Read Literature Like a Professor Reading Notes Essay

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  • on January 26, 2013
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Below is an essay on "How to Read Literature Like a Professor Reading Notes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How to read Literature Like a Professor Notes
Jonathan Samuels

Introduction: How’d He Do That?

-Literature has deeper meaning
    o Character Symbolism
        1. Villains can have demonic characteristics
        2. Protagonists can be portrayed as knights or other symbols of positive nature
    o Situational Symbolism
        1. Deals with the devil are when the protagonist is offered a quick solution out of a problem at the cost of his/her “soul”

Chapter 1: Every trip is a Quest (Except when it’s not)

    o Trips in fiction
        1. In a trip/quest the protagonist is never the same as when he started the trip/quest
        2. Protagonists that go on a trip/quest always find personal revelation from their quest
    o Change in quest line
  1. A characters quest is never about what they set out to do in the beginning, the beginning of the quest is used to:
        ▪ Create back story
        ▪ Motivate plot development
        ▪ Define character development

    o Self-knowledge on quests
    1. The quest is educational
        ▪ Protagonists become wiser as they overcome obstacles
        ▪ The protagonist often lacks self knowledge at the beginning of quests, so that’s what makes the quest necessary

Nice to Eat with you: Acts of Communion

    o Sharing meals
    1. If characters share a meal, that shows that they are on good terms or are trying to get on good terms with each other
        ▪ Shows bonding
        ▪ May resolve conflict
        ▪ Shows communion
    2. Eating with enemies
        ▪ Eating with an enemy creates common ground between the two, creating an environment that is friendly
        ▪ If a person that is disliked comes up to the table of the person eating, the person may stop eating so the person feels unwelcome.

Chapter 5: Now, Where Have I Seen Her Before?

    o No literature is original
    1. You can’t write something that someone else hasn’t written about...

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