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How To Write a Song Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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How to Write a Song
by rick meade

Have you ever heard a new song and thought, I would love to be able to write a song just like that one. Almost everybody would love to hear something they labored over, coming out of the speakers in their cars. Believe it or not, song writing is actually simple. All that needed is some knowledge and some imagination and some perseverance. Depending on personality, interest, and life experiences, the types of songs written vary widely. Writing a song can be easy enough if you have creativity, skills and some patience.

To start creating a masterpiece, sit down with an open mind. Ask questions before starting the song. “What do I want to sing about?” “How do I want the song to sound?” “Who do I want to hear it?” Jon Huntress of Lyrical Line said it best when he said, “You can write about ANYTHING! That’s the beauty of song writing-there are no rules”. Make sure to take notes when brainstorming. This way nothing is forgotten about the story. Now, think about how the song should be sung. Is it a serious or funny subject? Is it a ballad, punk, rock, or country?   There are many other types, as well, such as reggae, blues, jazz, latin, and funk.   Years ago a music writer named Jim Brown said, “Keep your mind and ears open, and don’t be afraid to wade into unfamiliar musical waters”.

Once the subject is decided, it is time to start writing it! No one can tell you what to write, but it never hurts to ask others opinions. Now is the time to start writing some lyrics. How the lyrics are sung in contrast to the music that is played is very important. Try to make the song unique, so it has a distinctive sound. Jon Huntress (2001) adds, “Most of the stuff you put down won’t work, but you never know”.   Be patient and just keep plugging away at it. Sooner or later you will have something you are proud of. However, you are not done quite yet.

The next to last step is writing your musical score. If you know how to write music, the sound...

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