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How Wealth Is Represented in the Hobbit Essay

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  • on January 5, 2013
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Below is an essay on "How Wealth Is Represented in the Hobbit" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is the role of wealth in The Hobbit? Discuss various characters’ attitude toward property and material goods. Whose viewpoint does the novel seem to endorse, if any?


Paragraph 1: (my main idea how wealth is liked with corruption)
-the significants of the ring. It destroyed golium (HOWEVER THIS WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN THIS BOOK BUT IN THE SERIES AFTER)
-talk about the link between greed and corruption.
Evidence: how the goblins (and wargs) would constantly go to war for wealth. But they also went to war for power in the form of weapons, slaves and land.
-the dragon even saw that the dwafts where corrupt (and that’s saying something)
Goblins and the wargs are corrupt

Paragraph 2: (the main storyline)
-all the times they keep on say “just wait until you get the gold at the end”
-The hobbits attitude at the start and end of story to wealth
-talk about how he sees it corrupting the dwafts
Evidence: In the chapter “A thief in the night”
-the dwafts attedied to wealth and to what ends they will fight for it
Evidence: Thorin sent an army of 500 warriers to defend the gold
-opposing all of this is the “Arkenstone” a stone that has sentimental value to the dwarfs because it represents something too them (check up)
- humans and elves trade “Arkenstone” for exchange of 1/14 of the dragon treasure (thorin’s share) but we don’t know whether Thorn would have confermend the trade because he is killed in battle.

Paragraph 3: (how races that don’t care about wealth act)
-races such as the elves, eagles and hobbits find little need for wealth and therefore will only fight for it to gain other things which they consider more valuable.
Evidence: Eagle went to war for the greater good and to stop the gobins. Elves helped the humans for the wealth so there friendship wasn’t destroyed. Hobbits don’t value wealth but instead are happy to live with what they have
-humans are hard to analyse for they were nether a good or bad race.
- (humans) good with...

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