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Hrm 531 Week 5 Determining Who and Why Paper

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HRM 531 Week 5 Determining Who and Why Paper
Determining Who and Why
            When recruiting for a position Google uses several areas to for posting the job description. One is their company website; another is using social media sites like LinkedIn selections (Global Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Google.org – Mountain View, 2011). Google wants to put their job descriptions in places where professional, creative people will be looking. Google’s recruiting and selection method are important and quite a process as their many steps takes time from beginning to end. To make sure Google takes full advantage of many areas there are to find qualified candidates they can use a concept map, to develop the best approach from creating the job description all the way down to rating the employee’s performance.

Recruitment and Selection
Google has developed innovative recruiting and selection methods. Over the years, Google has grown from a small entity to a massive recruiting organization in the modern technology industry. Google attracts millions of candidates through the following methods. First, employment branding has given Google the ability to develop a culture of employee experiences offering desirability. Second, retention through Google has become a valid selection method. “Because Google can create such a unique experience for every employee and can provide an opportunity for professionals to focus on what they do best, turnover is less than 5%” (Sullivan, 2007). Third, Google targets their search for recruitment allowing recruitment messages to students and faculty from targeted high standard schools. Google also remains a strong advocate of their employee referral program. “The program is designed to deliver an excellent candidate experience, be proactive, and to respond to every referral within one week of submission” (Sullivan, 2007).

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