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Hrm Essay

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HRM Essay
Retention of high performer employees at An organisation

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Literature review on Motivation Theories and Employee Retention 4
Relevant Motivational Theories 4
Literature on employee motivation and retention 6
Summary from Literature Review 6
References 7

The article explores on one of the major HRM challenge i.e. retention of high performers at an organization.   To understand root cause of the problem this article explores employee motivation theories and relevant literature. The article further analyzes relevant HR policies, and external factors and tries to correlate theories with practice to identify gaps and root causes of the problem. Attempt has been made to recommend suitable actions to address root causes of the problem.
Literature review on Motivation Theories and Employee Retention
Relevant Motivational Theories
This section provides synthesis of employee motivation theories as specified by Robbins S.P, Judge T.A (2008) and their possible impact on employee retention.
Maslow’s theories of hierarchy needs states that human needs are hierarchal in nature, In order to motivate somebody we need to understand the level of hierarchy a person is currently in and focus on satisfying need at certain level. Maslow also separated the needs in to two categories i.e. lower order externally satisfied needs such as physiological and safety needs and higher order internally satisfied need such as social, esteem and self actualization.
McGregor theory of X and theory of Y describes two distinct human views. The theory of X is the negative view and tends to assume that people inherently are lazy and dislike work, they needs to be monitored, controlled and directed. In contrast the Theory of Y provides a positive view i.e. the people will take their own responsibility, seek and learn they need to be supported and guided as required rather than monitored and controlled.
Herzberg’s motivation...

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