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Huckleberry Fin Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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I. Intro:

    A.   The con artist is able to fool almost everybody they see, twain satirizing human gullibility.
B. The king had great manipulative skills and is able to lie his way around many obsticles and to benefit himself.
C. The king resembles a man who is a skillfull con man and is able to get away with almost anything and do as he wishes.
A. The duke and the king walk onto Hucks raft even though huck knows they are going to be trouble. Within the first couple of minutes the duke and king have already started taking advantage of huck and jim and treat them like servants.
1. Even after the many times the Duke and the king have caused huck trouble and huck tries to kick them off they refuse and they stay on the raft.
2. They also sleep on the beds on the raft and don’t let huck or Jim.
      A.   Out of the two con men the King is defiantly the one who does what he wishes.
            1.   Twain points out the fact that in the first con the two men pull, the duke steals a harmless nine dollars while the King steals over eighty by taking advantage of peoples religious faith
2. When it comes to the Peter Wilks scheme the king takes the active role while the duke is deaf and when the duke has a moral crisis, the king talks him through it and leads him back down the immoral path. This is another example of how the king is controlling and does what he wishes.
A. Huck also observes and sees how the King has much influence over the duke. His ability to convince the duke to do bad things shows how much power one man can have over another. The King is strong because he has this quality over people. Huck realizes also that he relates to the King because he was able to overcome the bad influences of his father which shows that the storng do as they wish.


A. The con artists tactics and immoral ways help him fool many people because they are gullible
B. The con artist realizes how easy it is to manipulate...

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