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Human Geography Essay

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  • on January 8, 2013
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1. Define culture. Provide some examples explaining the processes of cultural diffusion.
Culture is the attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguish one group of people from another. An example that explains the process of cultural diffusion is language. Language is a huge part of a countries culture and it travels from one country to another all over the world. For example in the U.S the main language spoken is English but since many cultures reside here they have brought their language here as well. Now where ever you go you can get papers or even just get talked to in many different languages.
2. Why is the mosaic of language and religion of interest and value to the cultural geographer?
The mosaic of language and religion is of interest and value to the cultural geographer because they provide a wide range of opportunities for research and study. Language helps the geographer know what the people thought of the place they inhabited and religion helps them know what religion the culture favored if they favored a religion at all. They both are vital elements for reconstruction of the past cultures.  
3. What are the major components that make up the definition of language
The major components that make up the definition of language are communication and the use of signs, gestures or vocal sounds. These are major components because no matter what kind of language you’re using or whether it’s a human using it these components apply to it.
4. What is the standard language
A standard language is the variant of a language that a country’s political and intellectual elite seek to promote as the norm for use in schools, government, the media, and other aspects of public life.                
5. Study the language map of Europe (Figure 8.3, p.116) and explain how it is a diffusion model.
The map is a diffusion model because it shows a perfect example of diffusion. It shows how even though the countries aren’t where the language originated they still speak...

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