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Human Growth Essay

  • Submitted by: kerlande
  • on February 18, 2012
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The physiology, psychological of stress, and cognitive effects from stress
Marie C. Pacius

Stress is something people experience that puts pressure or a requirement on them. That pressure means they have to adjust to their new situation or environment. Stress can last for a short period, as when a driver has to act to avoid having an accident, or it can last for longer periods of time, as when a woman is told she has a medical problem and thus must change her diet or daily routine in order to become well again. Another example of a situation that causes stress is being an immigrant. When people immigrate to a new country, they often experience great stress in adjusting to their new cultural and economic situations. Stress comes both from everyday events and from the “big” events in their lives, such as buying a home, which are often positive in nature but still stressful. Some stress is useful to keep them challenged and involved with life, but too much stress can cause problems.
We all experience stress in different ways. Some people experience stress as just a nervous or busy feeling. Other people experience stress so strongly that it may cause them to seek professional help at a hospital. Still other people may die from experiencing so much stress that it leads to heart disease or other problems. Some of the effects are physical, and some are psychological (mental or behavioral). Some people have a personality type (often referred to as a “type-A personality”) that causes them experience stress more than others. These people are often impatient, competitive, and aggressive and are always short on time.
Stress is part of life and can be experienced for different reasons and has different effects. By being aware of stress and how they adjust to it, they can act to control its impact on their health and their lives.
The best way to envision the effect of acute stress is to imagine themselves in a primitive situation, such as being chased by a bear. The...

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