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Human Health Essay

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Running Head:   Environmental Hazards and Human Health 1

Environmental Hazards and Human Health
Mary L Fenn
Everest University

Running Head: Environmental Hazards and Human Health 2
People   are   surrounded   by   environmental   hazards   at   all   times.   This   paper   will   discuss   the   four   types   of   environmental   hazards;   Biological,   chemical,   cultural,   and   physical.   This   paper   will   also   cover   how   we   as   people   interact   with   environmental   hazards   throughout   our   lives.
Biological   hazard   is   an   organism   or   the   by-product   of   an   organism   that   is   harmful   to   other   living   things   particularly   human-like   viruses,   medical   waste,   or   any   other   toxins   created   by   handling   letters   and   possibly   getting   infected   with   anthrax,   a   disease   that   is   often   used   by   terrorism   because   it   comes   in   a   powder   form   often   sent   through   letters.   Each   person   who   handles   the   letter   has   possibly   became   infected   with   anthrax   and   not   know   it.
Chemical   hazard   is   any   substance   that   can   be   poisonous   or   is   harmful   to   your   health,   like   as,   gas   fuels,   bleach,   shout,   comet,   etc.   Humans   interact   with   chemical   hazards   by   exposing   themselves   to   fumes   from   gasoline   when   fueling   up   their   vehicles   or   lawn   mower.   They   also   expose   themselves   by   using   household   cleaning   agents   during   daily   cleaning   activities.
Cultural   hazard   is   a   hazardous   activity   that   belongs   to   a   culture   of   a   subculture.   It’s   a   hazard   that   does   not   mean   it   will   definitely   happen   but   the   risk   is   very   higher   of   it   happening   because   they   are   part   of   their   culture.   Humans   interact   with   cultural   hazards   by   being   a part   of   street   gangs.   Along   with   each   gang,   comes   consequences,   like   take   a   wrap   for   the   gang,   going   to   jail,   possibly   killing   someone,   family   members   being   threatened,   and   a   high   chance   of   getting   robbed....

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