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Human Mate Selection In Males And Females Essay

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  • on February 19, 2012
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The purpose of this study was to see if there is a difference in males and females in their selection of a partner for a short or long-term relationship. The main theme was to see whether it is more common in males or females, to favour a good personality over physical attractiveness. To observe this, 439 first year Psychology students from the University of Canterbury completed a questionnaire referring to this field of study. Every participant was presented with two pictures of the opposite sex. They selected which person out of the two pictures, would be more favourable to marry and or to go on a date with. Results concluded that more males chose to go on a date with the more attractive person compared to the females, and that more males preferred to marry the more attractive person rather than the person with a more favourable personality. Therefore, these findings support this experiment’s hypotheses and other theories from previous researcher’s findings.

Relationship Selections are Based on Attractiveness for Men and Personality for

Despite meeting new people everyday, we rarely stop to think about what men and women look for, when choosing a partner in either a short or long-term relationship. From previous researcher's studies, two possible theories on how we select a mate have been concluded and considerable evidence points to both theories. The first theory states that both men and women across different cultures, focus on the same features when looking for a mate in a short or long-term relationship. However, there is also contradictory information supporting a more evolutionary approach, claiming that there are systematic sex differences in mate selection criteria, between men and women. This second theory is portraying that women rate status and resources as well as characteristics such as kindness and warmth as being more important compared to men. Whereas, men cite physical attractiveness as being more important compared to women....

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