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Human Nature Essay

  • Submitted by: poopysnake
  • on October 4, 2012
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Are humans naturally evil? About half the world could argue yes, that humans are born with bad intentions and the other half would disagree. I think the answer varies depending on how you would define “evil.” Most people would consider breaking the rules of sinning, or the 10 commandments evil, but what if you’re not religious? The options are endless. Why is it that one bear may kill another for food and we look at it as nature, but if one man killed another for food, it would be abhorrent? Why is it okay for thousands of men to kill each other for land or a resource? My views on human nature lean towards Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s views because I believe humans are born uncorrupted.
Rousseau was a Genevan philosopher who believed the nature of man is identical to the ways of chimpanzees or orangutans and their natural instincts, which he believes isn’t necessarily “good” but is most definitely not “bad” or “evil.” I think the answer lies within our past. Such as cavemen coming into the world much like animals. Rousseau believed animals don’t have emotion, much like caveman having close to no emotion and the only influence was instinct. Killing an animal or even another human for protection was merely survival. Although most of human instincts are selfish and bias, they are not “evil.” When humans are born they’re much like a ball of clay. The ball of clay progressively gets molded into what is “right” and “wrong.” In other words humans are influenced by their parents and the people they are surrounded by. One of Rousseau’s key concepts was about influence. “Man is by nature good... Men are depraved and perverted by society” he once stated. Humans aren’t born with an impulse to steal or kill. We are born with an impulse to survive. I am not saying there aren’t bad people in our world with cruel intentions. For example Hitler was hands down an evil person. The urge to kill and dictate were for reasons unexplainable. He must have been corrupted by family or society...

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