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Human Pathophysiology Essay

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Human Pathophysiology
Assessment 1

The small intestine is the organ responsible for the absorption of most nutrients. Digested food passes into the blood vessels and into the wall of the small intestine, this process is call diffusion. The inside wall of the small intestine is called the mucosa, and is lined with columnar epithelial tissue; the mucosa is covered in folds called plicae circulares. The villi in the small intestine are small finger like projections that protrude from the epithelial lining of the intestinal wall. These minuscule projections are approximately 1mm high and play a number of roles in the human body. In the middle of each villus is a dense capillary bed, the villi are connected to blood vessels that carry the nutrients away. When it comes to digestion and absorption of nutrients, the villi increase the small intestine's absorptive area. They slow the movement of food particles in the intestine, and the result is more nutrients can be absorbed. Another role played by these tiny hair-like projections is that they actually aid in the digestion of food. This is due to digestive enzymes found on the villi surface. Healthy villi promote an effective digestive track and, as a result, a healthy body, because nutrients are transported by the villi into the blood (Marieb & Hoehn 2007, p. 909).

Recent unpublished research found approximately 1% of the human population were reporting abdominal discomfort, anaemia, elevated white blood cells and vitamin deficiencies regardless of having healthy diets. Upon further investigation into this condition the people affected by this have approximately 1.5 times the amount of villi in the small intestine per square meter then individuals without these symptoms, these villi appeared elongated with no signs of sprue and they were crowded together.
Dr Esme Higgenbotham provisionally called the condition Crowded Villi Syndrome (BIOH12008 T2 2012, p. 1)....

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