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Human Resources Organization Plan

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Human Resources Code of Ethics

The Human Resources department adheres to the following code of ethics: Professional Responsibility, Professional Development, Ethical Leadership, Fairness and Justice, Conflicts of Interest, and Use of Information (SHRM Code of Ethics, 2007).   HR professionals will add value and contribute to the ethical success of the company.   The HR department will meet the highest standards of competence and will strengthen them on a continuous basis.   “HR professionals are expected to exhibit individual leadership” (SHRM Code of Ethics, 2007).   It is important to treat all employees with dignity, respect, and compassion regardless of personal interests.   The HR department will maintain a high level of trust and protect the interests of the company.   They will adhere to and advocate the use of published policies.   The HR department has access to many sensitive documents and will safeguard all sensitive data.  

Issues Affecting Human Resources

The Human Resources department will focus on a couple of issues affecting HR and the company as a whole.   One issue affecting the HR department is social media.   It is important to create policies that manage the use of social media sites in the workplace.   Without the proper policies in place, employees may “divulge trade secrets, violate confidentiality and their productivity could decline” (Goldfield, 2011).   When the policies have been completed, the HR department will “communicate clearly, comprehensively and continuously” (Goldfield, 2011) to ensure all employees are aware.   Another issue concerning the HR department is “providing leadership training to top performers” (Goldfield, 2011).   Training top employees will make them feel part of the company and help with the retention rate.   Preparing employees for leadership positions is the responsibility of the HR department.   Keeping the morale high with the proper training will motivate each employee to succeed.   Another important issue...

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