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Human Resources Services Organisational Research Essay

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A) Develop a set of questions to refer to in a well-structured interview-

1. Define your current role or what is expected of you from your position.

2. Do you feel that you’ve been given sufficient or the right tools and resources to perform your job tasks successfully?

3. Are you satisfied with the wage/salary you’re receiving for the responsibility that is expected from you?

4. Do you feel like you have opportunities to develop and get promoted as an employee?

5. Do you find your leader or management team available, accessible or approachable?

6. Do you receive on-going training and development to gain new skills or knowledge to increase your job performance?

7. Do you feel that management explains the company’s priorities and sets reasonable expectations for you to achieve them?

8. Do you feel like you’re being rewarded with the amount of work you put in?

9. On a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being extremely dissatisfied and 10 being completely satisfied), how satisfied are you with your employer?   And why?

10. Would you make any improvements or recommendations in any areas regarding your working conditions or management team?

B) Develop KPI’s (key performance indicators) for the organisation-

Training support

• Offer at least 2 days of training full time / per year for each staff

Proactive teamwork

To promote proactive teamwork we will survey our staff with open and closed questions.  

Analysis of survey results

Proactive and supportive work culture

• To promote proactive work environment we will survey our staff with open and closed questions.  

• Analysis of survey results

Work challenges

We will analyse data on work related incidents (WH&S) and customer complaints. Results will be analysed and actions taken to improve productivity at work and reduce work challenges.

Actions to correct work challenges will include KPI’s. for example achieve zero...

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