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Human Sexuality Essay

  • Submitted by: anthonyh3205
  • on October 4, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Human Sexuality" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Growing up at a young age sex was probably the last thing on any of our minds. In fact I’m sure that when any of us at that young of age heard the word sex we probably yelled out “EWWW,” or giggle and laugh. You would have never thought that it would become a major part of your life as you got older. I am talking about long ago when boys and girls alike both had the common “Cooties.” Days when who had the coolest bike or who was wearing the coolest clothes were our biggest concerns and the popular phrase, “Girls Rule and Boy Drool,” was often used out on the playground. Times change, we all grow older, and other things begin to become more important. Instead of wondering who is wearing the coolest clothes we begin to wonder and become curious on what is under those cool clothes. Not too much longer after that girls and boys didn’t have cooties. Bodies are changing including our own and we begin to think about things. The medical side of things shows that we all go through puberty, a point in our lives that can be confusing to most, but also is the start of our sexual growth. The way that sex is portrayed to us at a young age is through two main parts, the first one being educational programs that are given to us in school such as Sexual Education. The second is what we see on television. After going through these courses and seeing the sexual things that we see on TV begins to intrigue us. It gets to the point where we want to seek sexual content in the things that we watch because it could excite us or it could make things more interesting.
From a scholarly side of the spectrum, such as the article, “A Model of Adolescents’ Seeking of Sexual Content in Their Media Choices,” states that exposures to the choice of media young teenagers and children alike are one of the factors that promote risky sexual behavior. You also have to dig a little deeper to understand exactly what constitutes as sexual content. As defined by this article sexual content is, “Talking...

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