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Humanities 186 Essay

  • Submitted by: psygirl420
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Gaming has become a part of our whole culture.   The impact of games on culture has become inseparable. Games today are not only appointed to traditional gamers, but to a wide range of audience. Games such as "Dance Revolution" are being used in gym class at school.

Types of games that have been most influential within the last few years include social games, communal games, educational games, phone-based games, and RPGs with creative stories.

The industry makes games with a broader appeal and markets them to a wide audience. They make something for every demographic user such as more games that appeal to women. Social games and those with an educational value have the potential to change how the culture views video games.

The video game industry should create more non-violent games and do a better job marketing them. People view games negatively because of stereotypes. The industry needs to increase the visibility of non-violent games by making more alternatives. Reverse the proportion to reverse the perception.

The greatest controversial issue that I have discovered is that video games make us fat. Also, video games are too violent for children. Lastly, games may lead us to being anti-social.

There are active games such as "WII Thin" and "Dance Dance Revolution" that combats overweight. When you think more about it, it's our lifestyle that leads us to obesity. So many people work in offices all day, sitting in desks and get no exercise. No one verifies that jobs make us fat.

No, we will never be able to completely eliminate concerns about sex and violence in video games. Just like there will always be R-rated movies and TV shows, governments should restrict sales to minors.

They help increase hand-eye coordination. They help develop problem solving abilities. Some, like "Master Dynasty," can teach you about eco systems, government, and capitalism. Some encourage physical fitness.

The controversial issues related to electronic games are...

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