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Humanities Essay

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Mykala Moton

Taking Art More Serious

Humanities 1315:511001

Dean Armstrong

October 4, 2013

      The article I wrote about is “Taking Yoga Art Seriously”, Barbara Pollack published this article in October of 2013. Prior to reading   this work   I have no knowledge of the subject matter , but after   reading the title I   was lead to   believe that the article would be about   the skepticism associated with this particular type of art, which is Yoga Art. During the course of this article the author will attempt to convince us to pay more attention to yoga art.
    Pollack goes on to tell us how important the “Yoga: The Art of Transformation” exhibit in Southeast Asia would be towards how serious people take it. Being that it is the first exhibit to study yoga from the roots to its current status. The exhibit also includes a 5th century Indian tile portraying bony ascetics.
    In the article I read I learned that yoga has been practiced for a very long time. In Southeast Asia the exhibits have painting, films, pictures, and books. The author did a wonderful job of informing me about the subject. She let me know the importance of the yoga art and its history.
    The authors purpose in writing this article was to inform the reader of the importance of yoga. She also wanted to persuade the reader to pay more attention to how serious it is. The author had success at achieving her purpose in this article. I also feel like she could have given more information of some of the art and more of the background.
    My opinion of the article is that it was well written.   The author did a good job at getting her point across. I just feel she failed to give enough information about the topics mentioned in the article. So my overall impression is that the author did not convince me to want to know more about yoga art. I was left clueless with no information about it.

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