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Humans Are Like Fleas Essay

  • Submitted by: Shanna68
  • on October 19, 2013
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How are Humans on Earth like Fleas on a Dog?
When most people hear the question, “How are humans on Earth like fleas on a dog,” they don’t think anything of it. Setting aside that they are totally different, humans on Earth and fleas on a dog actually have a lot in common. They both live off their hosts and without their hosts, they’d be nothing. Also, neither benefits anything. People are very harmful for the Earth just like fleas are for a dog.
Fleas are parasites that feed off of blood. They usually feast off of dogs or cats. Within 24 hours of their first blood meal, a flea can begin laying eggs.   Their reproduction rate is so fast at about 40 to 50 eggs per day, for just one flea. They hide in the dog’s fur and make homes. Fleas are very hazardous towards its host’s health. They can cause serious discomfort to dogs and create diseases. Without dogs, fleas would have a hard time surviving.
One reason a human is like a flea is because they both live off their hosts. In this case, the Earth is the host for people, and the dog is the host for fleas. Humans live off the Earth’s resources. They use materials from the Earth’s mantle to survive. These materials can be gas, oil, coal, and rock. They might also be known as nonrenewable resources. People need these to produce food and houses for them to live in. Without them, they would eventually die off. Fleas feed on the blood in a dog’s body. They also hide and live in the dog’s fur. If it wasn’t for a dog, a flea would not be able to live.
Humans are very harmful to the Earth. They cause a lot of hazards like pollution with all their uses of nonrenewable resources and production of trash. People also are killing and chopping down a lot of trees on the Earth, causing some species to die. Fleas are also very harmful to dogs. All they do is infest all over a dog and feed on its blood. They kill the host’s skin and this causes their hair to fall out. It only takes one flea to cause a lot of damage.

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