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Hydraulic Fracturing Essay

  • Submitted by: abreitenbach
  • on January 7, 2013
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Hydraulic Fracturing, more commonly known as hydrofracking, is the relatively new process of extracting natural gasses from dense rock below the earth. It is expensive and risky, but there is the possibility to gain unimaginable amounts of energy that could help America become much more energy independent. However, in the process of gaining energy, people, animals, and the environment could be put in danger, not to mention it is extremely expensive to begin the process of hydrofracking. Currently, in New York, there are thousands of locations where hydrofracking occurs and the protective measures against them are not nearly enough. We need to focus on cutting down on energy usage rather than resorting to dangerous methods of energy extraction.
Proponents of hydrofracking state that there the benefits far outweigh the costs of hydrofracking. They point to economic prosperity because of enormous amounts of natural gas that the United States can either use or export. Hydrofracking will make jobs; our country greatly needs more jobs. It will stimulate the economy in places where hydrofracking occurs because of the influx of people. It may lower domestic energy costs, because it does not need to be imported. Also, the natural gas that is extracted from hydrofracking is a hydrocarbon. Over 90 percent of world energy is produced through hydrocarbons, because this includes energy sources such as wood, coal, and fossil fuels (Ruthberg). So, the energy source that comes as a result of hydrofracking is irrefutable, the only source of discontent stems from the act of hydrofracking in itself.
In actuality, I believe, the price to pay for hydrofracking is too much. I was particularly struck by the fact that the truck traffic needed to deliver water to a single fracking well causes as much damage to local roads as nearly 3.5 million car trips. In Pennsylvania, this translated to the state estimating they needed to spend $265 million in 2010 to fix the damage. We should not...

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