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I Dont Know Essay

  • Submitted by: Chivesthebutlerr
  • on January 27, 2013
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ABC - 1 Agreement - is an agreement with Britain, it says that we will conquer Germany before we deal with Japan, but we will keep enough forces by Japan so that they are unable to become heavily entrenched while we fight the Germans

Executive Order #9066- rounds up japanese americans into concentration camps, ⅔ of which are American born, it takes away their money, property, and human rights, and they generally didnt get their first two back, took until 1988 for the American govt to apologize

Korematsu v. United States 1944- the Supreme Court trial that stated that the concentration camps are constitutional, the reason behind this was because prevention of espionage was more important than the constitutional rights of Japenese Americans, it took until 1988 for the American govt to apologize and give $20,000 to each camp survivor

War Production Board- was founded due to an executive order in 1942, the WPB’s goal was to direct all war production, because of its power over the US economy the WPB allowed war productions to be more efficient and organized., also rationed supplies that were in short demand such as gasoline, was immediately dissolved after WWII

Office of Price Administration-   WWII created huge price inflations because consumer goods were scarce and there was full employment in the country, this administration brought prices under control with strict regulations, rationing held down the prices of some essential goods such as meat and butter

War Labor Board - imposed ceilings on wage increases so that inflation would be limited, some unions workers, especially mine workers, had striked against these wage ceilings, these strikes were the last thing that the war effort needed, although most major unions made no-strike pledges

Smith-Connally Act- the loss of production due to strikes became very worrisome to Congress so they passed this act in 1943, this act authorized the federal government to seize and operate tied up industries, strikes...

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