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I Hate East London It Smells of Bo Essay

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Admitently it is the word of a drunk but my hands compel me to write the observations found. I am sick of tribal domination, minority being the traditional inhabitants.”who are you?” hand pressed against my chest! How dare they even touch me in my own place. “foxx” is my reply forwarded by “well you don’t fox me”, I hear the voices of undesirables saying don’t take that after my rebuttal stating “im not trying to”. A fight is what the primates wanted but drink allowed me to go up the stairs they blocked with their dominate dark presents.   Old friends sympathise with the longing of the past however dismiss you in the public eye after your excitement of finding their face again. As mentioned this is the drunken slur however it is the truth by far.   Not needed other than by those who deem you a ledged by proxy which you do not understand. A popularity you have developed but unsure why, they know your name but you don’t know there’s. They meet you in the bar with new company and the company is native to yourself, yet they do not show the same enthusiasm as automatically. Rejected and hurt you turn to words to vent feelings not knowing if it was worth it or not till morn breaks, and the liver filters the night before. Why is this being written, maybe no reason at all, however maybe it’s a therapy that’s priceless in that it has no fee. This is the heightened reality of being pushed to the side in realisation you are not seen by them, in the manner you regarded them in the first place. Toughen up or loose always? Become reserved? No need just be you and try a new set, this set may appreciate and understand. If not………then you know what to do, even though you don’t wish to admit it. Anyway its better than home, I mean its freedom you shouldn’t expect better should you? Your soul knows the answer it knows of guilty or not. Again as mentioned………….this is a drunken slur so not valid for the judgement of others including yourself, best bet is to forget it like all the other...

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