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I Pad Essay

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Case Study from Chapter 3: Is the iPad a Disruptive Technology?

Provide a one page summary identifying major issues.

The key issues discussed in this case study is the technology innovation and the future vision of the iPad and the competition facing the iPad and how the iPad as a technology make collaboration agreements to win agonist its competitor .and how iPad the disruptive   technology forced to change their behavior.
We see this by flowing Apple strategy. Apple tend to create the necessity of their product between customer in the same time they are paving the road for new innovation while they still using their main product.  
In doing this Apple faced a competition with Kindle tablet and they somehow create this competition as a part of their strategy in order to inter a very complex and hard world like the tablet. In this field Amazon is Appl’s main opponent in term of low pricing and sale, Apple achieved to win this market by making collaboration agreement with other companies like publisher book, TV shows, movies and news media. The price gaining from Apple combining with more gage, convenient and technology for the customer has set the stage for Apple to be the dominant player in this field.
Given the first vision for the iPad from Apple CEO Steve Job as a educational platform can be us in school, but this vision didn’t last to live due to the high operational cost for the iPad.
Apple strategy forced organizations to change the way they conduct their business but in the same time Apple find out it’s time for them to change to in order to stay the leader in this field and they realize that the old fashion dominant way it’s not working Apple technology can’t stand alone without making collaboration with other, because without the content from other provider, Apple device will not stand a chance in facing their competitor.

  2. Answer Case Study Questions 1-2 at the end of the case study

1-The Ipad consider a powerful platform technology...

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