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Ic02 Causes and Spread of Infection Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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Bacteria are tiny living beings (single cell microorganisms) they are neither plants nor animals – they belong to a group all by themselves, usually a few micrometres in length that exist together in millions.
A gram of soil typically contains about 40 million bacterial cells and a millilitre of fresh water usually holds about one million bacterial cells.
Bacteria come in three main shapes
 Spherical  
 Rod shaped
 Spiral
A bacteria does not have a nucleus and often doesn’t even contain organelles, they reproduce asexually.
Bacteria can sometimes be beneficial for example we have bacteria in our intestinal tracts which aid in digestion. They are used in wastewater treatment to break down sewage and bacteria can be used in the food industry for example yogurt. Bacteria in the food industry can also be a concern in respect to spoilage. It can affect the odour, taste and texture of a food product. Bacteria can also be pathogenic, meaning they are capable of causing disease.
The following are examples of the diseases caused by bacteria:
 Bacterial meningitis
 Pneumonia commonly acquired
 Upper respiratory tract infection
 Gastritis
 Food poisoning
 Eye infections
 Sinusitis
 Urinary tract infection
 Skin infections
 STD infections

A virus is a small infectious agent, most too small to be seen     directly even with a light microscope, that can replicate only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect all types of organisms, from animals to plants and even bacteria.
Viruses differ from bacteria in that they don’t reproduce in food and they need a living host to replicate, they do this by entering the cell o the host and taking over the genetic material responsible for reproduction.
Viruses can be found in the air water and environment.
Virus cells target specific cells in the body such as those in the genitals or upper respiratory tract. Some target specific age groups like...

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