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Ics Inc Case Study

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1 Executive Summary 2
2 Introduction 3
3 Background 4
4 Project Manager’s Responsibilities 7
4.1 Planning 7
4.2 Organising 7
4.3 Controlling 8
5 Project Manager’s Skills 8
5.1 Leadership Ability 8
5.2 Ability to Develop People 10
5.3 Communication Skills 10
5.4 Interpersonal Skills 11
5.5 Ability to handle Stress 11
5.6 Problem Solving Skills 11
5.7 Time Management Skills 12
5.8 Resource Planning 12
6 Delegation 13
7 The Project Team 14
7.1 Project Team Development 14
8 Recommendations 16
9 Conclusion 16
10 Bibliography 17

List of Figures
Figure 1.0: Degrees of Delegation 12  
Figure 2.0: Stages of Team Development 13
Figure 3.0: Levels of Functioning 14

This document intends to evaluate the case study of ICS, Inc and propose solutions to the problems identified in a prioritised, systematic approach and aim to further motivate my assertions.
Recommendations are made in accordance with the responsibilities explored. It is an overwhelmingly apparent that Ivana is in need of training as a Project Manager. Given the nature of the organisation’ she wears many hats and is unable to fully deliver on her key responsibilities as project manager.
Project Team development is also addressed in this analysis, depicting the various stages of team development
Resource Planning; is non-existent in ICS, Inc. Staff assignment to the various projects will be address in a work schedule table which will indicate availability and or commitment of human resources, plotted on a calendar timeframe.
Recommendations are therefore made to formalise a communication policy with an escalati5on path, where consensus are not met between project manager/business owner and team member, a policy outlining an explicit manner in which the disagreement can be amicably resolved through negotiations.
Leadership; a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a...

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