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Ict Work Essay

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Transactions describe the exchange of money for an item of the buyers choice, a connection is made between the customer and the company with the products.
A transactional website is one in which that exchange is made through the use of the buyers credit card and then delivered by the company following this purchase.
Most shops have transactional websites due to the majority of the population especially amongst youth society using the society to order both essentials and luxury items.

Common themes within transactional websites is that they all offer simplicity to best appeal to a wide target market rather than a niche market, they all have to collect details from the customer, whether this be a contact number, address, credit card details etc. and payment is essential for the transaction to occur, this can be through the purchasers credit card or Paypal, a feature linked with Ebay, perhaps the biggest most well known transactional website, which has now been applied to other leading transactional websites.

Databases are another reoccurring theme we can observe in transactional websites, this is important when storing the customers information. It is the data that is the most significant element of the business for the company as it makes it stand out from its competitors or a database could be kept telling the employee of the stock the company currently has, the difference between effective data storage and purchase history and non- organisation is the long lasting functionality of the organisation.

I will briefly discuss three transactional websites for the reader to have a better comprehension of the features of such a site, I have decided to choose 3 websites which differ, this way I can rule out the themes that reoccur being solely because of the similarity of the products and more because they both attempt to appeal to their possible customers in the same way.

The first site I will look at is Topshop, the website clearly guides the customer on...

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