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Igcse English Language Revision Guide Essay

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  • on August 18, 2015
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English as a First Language

  * Reading Passages – Paper 2
The paper has two passages (Passages A and B). Read Passage A first.
Passage A is usually an account of the author’s experience
  * Question 1: Directed writing [20 Marks]
  * This is based on only Passage A.  
  * You must write an article, report, letter, diary, transcript or interview. Articles (for example for newspapers) or reports are most common.
  * You must show thorough knowledge of the passage and characters.
  * The tone and vocabulary must match characters and the situation.
  * It is important to include original ideas and also relate to the passage with supporting details.
  * Avoid repetition of words in the passage.
  * Clearly express comments using interesting language and a varied vocabulary.
  * Question 2: Language analysis [10 Marks]
  * This question is based on two paragraphs (that are specified) from Passage A.
  * It tests your ability to judge the vocabulary and tone (words and phrases) used by the author in the description, and explain your understanding of the effect produced and the use of language.
  * You must select words or implications with a specific meaning and discuss the language and meanings.
  * You must comment on figures of speech such as metaphors, similes, hyperbole, imagery, etc. and discuss their intended effect on the reader.
  * You can group examples to demonstrate overview of the meaning and attitude you have inferred.
  * Follow the structure: Statement → Quote → Analysis.
Now read Passage B and re-read Passage A
  * Question 3: Summary [20 Marks]
  * This is based on both, Passages A and B.
  * 15 Marks are available for 15 relevant facts from both passages (about the parts listed).
  * Stick to facts. Avoid writing in and informative style or as commentary and avoid opinions and explanations.
  * Stick to a length of one side and give equal importance to both parts.
  * Write in your own words.
  * Do...

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