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Igcse Revision Essay

  • Submitted by: fickle22
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: History
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IGCSE History Mock: January 2013
The format of the Mock exam
• You must answer two questions
• Each questions is divided into three parts:
• Part (a)   - worth 5 marks
• Part (b) – worth 7 marks
• Part (c) – worth 8 marks
• You must answer one question from a choice of four in Section A on International Relations since 1919
• You must answer one question from a choice of two in Section B on Germany 1918-45

Your revision
• Read the key questions in this booklet (these have come from the iGCSE syllabus);
• Without reference to your notes, draw up an essay plan in relation to each key question;
• Now go back to your notes and text book and fill in any details that you missed on your plan;
• Now learn the complete essay plan.

Section A – International Relations since 1919
Key question: Were the Peace Treaties of 1919-23 fair?
Other questions to consider:
What were the motives and aims of the Big Three at Versailles?
Why did all the victors not get everything they wanted?
What was the impact of the peace treaty on Germany up to 1923?
Could the treaties be justified at the time?
Evidence that they were fair
Evidence that they were not fair


Key question: To what extent was the League of Nations a success?
Other questions to consider:
How successful was the League in the 1920s?
How far did weaknesses in the League’s organisation make failure inevitable?
How far did the Depression make the work of the League more difficult?
How successful was the League in the 1930s?
Evidence that it was a success
Evidence that it was a failure


Key question: Why had international peace collapsed by 1939?
Other questions to consider:
What were the long term consequences of the peace treaties of 1919-23?
What were the consequences of the failures...

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