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Illegal Immigration Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 12, 2012
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Illegal Immigration in the United States
Ryan Iden
161 Principles of Sociology
Dr. Curtis Hosier

      Illegal Immigration in the United States occurs when someone who enters the United States does so without government permission and/or in violation of the United States Nationality Law or stayed beyond the termination date of their visa. We are a country that has welcomed many cultures from all over the world. The freedoms and opportunities that America provides and the promise of a better life is what has drawn people here. However, the staggering increase in the number of illegal immigrants is becoming a problem.
      Illegal immigration is a significant problem in the United States. A common concern is that illegal immigrants put a financial burden on our schools, hospitals, and often do not pay their share of taxes. According to F.A.I.R (The Federation for American Immigration Reform) the estimated current cost of illegal immigration on local communities budgets for civic programs like: schools, medical services, & incarceration comes’ to about $36 Billion a year. Another concern is that illegal immigrants take jobs away from American citizens. According to “Geek Politics” we either have to stop them from coming in the first place, or we have to find a way to have them contribute to offset their cost to American society. Otherwise, our systems will be pressed to their limit or we are going to go bankrupt to the people who are taking from it but not contributing to it (Politics, 2008, p. 1).
      About 400,000 illegal immigrants come to the United States each year, and it is estimated that 8 to 10 million illegal immigrants reside in the United States today. The National Academy of Sciences has estimated that the average immigrant without a high-school degree, will, impose a net cost above and beyond any taxes he or she pays over his or her lifetime. Of nearly $100,000 on U.S. taxpayers; this cost does not include the cost of educating their...

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